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Given on 18.8.2017   

Greenway Modern School added another feather to their cap by winning the Runners -up trophy in the 29th Delhi State Tug of War Championship.

It was a proud moment for the school when the boys and girls of U-17(mix) brought laurels in the championship which was held in Floradale school from 28th to 30th July 2017.  The event was graced by Mr. Madan Mohan, Secretary TWFI, who inaugurated the event.

About 35-40 esteemed schools from Delhi-NCR regions participated to prove their mettle in the field of sports.  A total of 117 matches were conducted with cut throat competition.  The teams displayed a perfect combination of sportsmanship along with strength, wit, strategy and teamwork.

The school management and Principal congratulated the efforts of the teacher Incharge, Ms. Akansha and encouraged the team for further endeavours.



    Given on 18.8.2017   

    Class XIIth students of Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden, attended a workshop of economics regarding the changes in board examination pattern implemented due to introduction of practical’s in the evolution of marks.  Mr. Amit Mehrotra, a Delhi based educationist, commenced the workshop.  He is working on an upcoming project SWAYAM (MOOC) of Ministry of Human Resource Development in association with NCERT.  He is also the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for economics appointed by NCERT for 2 years.  He introduced the new exam pattern to the students followed by a power point presentation of various project topics of Economics.  He guided the students on the matter and presentation of projects and also helped the students by providing some quick tips on how to attempt the board exams and avoid common mistakes.  The session became exciting with an activity on “factors affecting demand and supply”.  The school management and the students thanked him for his crucial time and efforts.


      Event was held on 12.08.2017   

      A felicitation of CBSE toppers of Class X and Class XII was held at Greenway Modern School  Dilshad Garden on the 12th August, 2017. The occasion was graced by Dr. A.K. Singla DCP North East.  The School Chairperson and Principal were also present.  The Meritorious students were awarded with a Memento and the Certificate. A small Cultural Event was also held. It was a glorious occasion for the students, Parents and faculty. 


        Event was held on 25.07.2017   

        An informative workshop on ‘Save Environment’ was conducted for the students of classes Vth & VIth in Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden on 25th July 2017. 

        Civil Judge, Mr. Prashant Sharma from the Karkardooma Court was the Spokesperson.  The Principal, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva welcomed the guest with a bouquet of flowers depicting vibrance of the workshop.  GMS was privileged to invite Mr. Prashant for the second time as it is always a pleasure to gather knowledge from him which most of us stand unaware of.

        The main focus of the workshop was on ways to save the environment considering how we all are suffering under various forms of pollution and global warming and yet how we ourselves contribute to the war seeing of the situation.

        It was an over-whelming experience for the students to have talk with Mr. Prashant.  He shared his personal experiences and also experiences of hearsay.  Tips were given to save the environment. The tips were so practical which if followed in daily life can still contribute to bringing about a change in the conditions around us.

         Overall the lecture was a great initiative in opening the eyes of the students and teachers too.

         We hope to invite Mr. Prashant to our school once again with another interesting topic for awareness.


          Event was held on 28.07.2017   

          A workshop on Cyber hacking and security was organized for Cybertronix, the computer club of Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden.  The students of classes XIth & XIIth were a part of the workshop.  The lecture on the topic was delivered by Dr. Anurag Jain, M.Tech, IIT Kharagpur, who is presently working with Delhi Police to  tackle cyber crime an issue which is common now a days.  Proper information about the topic was shared by the spokesperson.  The types of cyber hacking and ways to protect themselves from these crimes were also discussed.

          Awareness about cyber crimes and ways to deal with the problems created thereafter was created. The younger generation of our country pledged to take stand for the future of their country.  The session was informative and useful.



            Event was held on 31.07.2017   

            To enhance the confidence on stage teachers or Class I A and I B along with the students of Greenway Modern School had organized a class activity programme on 31.7.2017. The students first chanted ‘Gayatri Mantra’ followed by dance on the song “Bande hai hum uske”. Later little Kanhas and Radhas performed their Rasleela. Efforts made by Ms. Kalpana Dagar and Ms. Sadhana Dutta of Class I A and I B respectively could be seen as the students performed with great zeal.  This activity was organized to reduce stage fear of the students. It inspired them to come forward and performed on stage with confidence. 

              Kindly refer to the list of students for extra classes for Classes IX  to XII  in the download section of the Website also

              Kindly refer to the list of students for extra classes for Classes V to VIII in the download section of the Website also

              Kindly refer to the time table of extra classes for Classes VI to XII  in the download Section of the Website also

              Kindly refer to the list of students for extra classes for Classes I to V in the download section of the Website also
              Kindly refer to the time table of extra classes for Classes I to V in the download Section of the Website also


              Event was held on 29.07.2017   

              To enhance students’ speaking skills and to judge their hidden talent of speaking and vocabulary skills, Story Narration Competition was organized.

              Three participants from each class were selected by the respective class teachers and then the main event had started. All the participants narrated the story very well. They all were full of enthusiasm and narrated it with full confidence. As, the  judgment is a part of every competition, so ‘The In-Charge Madam Ms. Renu Gupta  judged this competition and the results are as follows :-

              I  POSITION                         AVIKA GUPTA                   II C

                                                           SHANAYA JOSHI                II D


              II POSITION                        GOURANSHI PANDEY     II C

                                                          ANKIT                                 II A


              III POSITION                       ARYAN VERMA                 II B

                                                          AASHINI GUPTA                II E


              Consolation Prizes were also allotted


              MOHD. KAIF                     II A

              RITWIK SHARMA              II B

              AARADHYA SHARMA       II C


                Event held on 20.07.2017   



                PRE-PRIMARY  A                 I           PRATYUSHA ROY PUSHP

                                                                II         KANISHKA BHATI

                                                                III        MANAS SINGH GUSAIN


                PRE-PRIMARY  B                 I           NIRMIT VERMA

                                                                II         SAMIKSHA TIWARI

                                                                III        AARAV SHAJU


                PRE-PRIMARY  C                 I           ABHINAV GIRI

                                                                II         SHIVANG KASHYAP

                                                                III        YASHVI SINGH


                PRE-PRIMARY  D                 I           KAVYA SHARMA

                                                                II         GAURI VERMA

                                                                III        ACHENTYA RAJPUR


                PRE-PRIMARY  E                 I           TANEESHEE BISWAS

                                                                II         ARADHYA

                                                                III        AYUSH


                PRE-PRIMARY   F                I           TORAL SHARMA

                                                                II         NISHTHA AGGARWAL

                                                                III        AARAV MANDOLA


                   LIST OF WINNERS

                  Pre-Primary A       I.          KANISHKA BHATI           

                                                      II.        PRATYUSHA ROY PUSHP

                                                      III.       ATHULY P.  NAIR


                  Pre-Primary B        I.          AARAV SHAJU

                                                      II.        AMRIT KUMAR

                                                      III.       SAMIKSHA TIWARI


                  Pre-Primary C        I.          BHAVYA        

                                                      II.        LAKSH MAKHIJA

                                                      II.        AADI SHARMA

                                                      III.       ABHINAV GIRI


                  Pre-Primary D       I.          KAVYA SHARMA

                                                      II.        GAURI BHATIA

                                                      III.       NIKITA NAGARIA


                  Pre-Primary E        I.          VEDANT DHYANI

                                                      II.        JYOTSNA

                                                      III.       TANEESHEE BISWAS

                                                      SPECIAL EFFORT – AKSH SINGH


                  Pre-Primary F        I.          ANGEL VASISHTH          

                                                      II.        AARAV MAINDOLA

                                                      III.       NISHTHA AGGARWAL

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