Event was held on 27.11.2018   

As per the directorate of education, land & estate branch, a mock drill was conducted on 27.11.18 in Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden, wherein the students were informed about safety measures taken in case of natural disasters like earthquake, fire etc. The students practiced ‘ Drop-cover-hold’ before evacuation exercise. The students evacuated the building in an organized and peaceful manner without causing any eventuality of stampede. The teacher head Ms. Silky Sharma explained the students in detail the preventive measures to be taken in case of these kinds of calamities.

    Kindly refer the the Post Mid Term Date-Sheet for Classes I to XI in the download section of the Website also 

    A group of students of Greenway Modern School who were a part of the Russian Exchange Program and went to Russia, got the opportunity to go to the  Russian culture center, Delhi to share their experiences. They were all accompanied by the activity in-charge Mrs. Jaishree Shreedharan. It was a great opportunity for all the students to build up/share  their  experiences and gained confidence and to overcome their hesitation in a gathering of 200 students from different schools. The efforts made by them were highly appreciable by the Russian Officials and the head of the Exchange Program – Ms. Tatiana Perova.. 

      Greenway Nursery School organized a picnic to “PlayBox” at Garden’s Galleria Mall, Noida for Pre School and Pre Primary students on 22.11.2018.  The children were thrilled to go for a school picnic.

       On the day of the picnic the tiny tots were very excited to reach Playbox.    “Playbox” is a place where unique play facility like action packed, interactive and students can have loads of fun.

       After reaching there, the kids called their own shot by exploring  and defining their own meaning of “PLAY’ in a safe, clean and secure environment. Their excitement doubled when they got “Fun Boxes” consisting of delicious Burger, crispy French Fries and Fruit Juice.

       These kind of picnics helped the students and teachers to interact outside the classroom, thus enhancing their bonding with each other and improving their social and life skills. All in all it was a fun-filled trip and the kids enjoyed a lot.



        Event was held on 20.11.2018   

        A special assembly was conducted in Greenway Modern School on 20 November 2018 to acknowledge the achievers of various competitions held in our school in the year 2018-19. First of all , awards for best student teachers were given wherein class XII students received awards for their best performances on Teacher’s Day. Then the winners of Inter house Cooking Competition, “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye” were awarded. The commerce students of our school had participated in Commerce Olympiad and had secured top positions. Out of twenty toppers of Olympiad, five were Greenwanians and they received trophies for their achievement. One of them received cash prize of rupees five thousand for being in top three list. Rakshit Bharadwaj and Shivansh Upadhyay of class VIII received trophies for securing first position in Central Science Exhibition and are going to represent our school at state level. Also Atal Tinkering Lab of our school awarded Aman Gupta and Radhika Gupta of class X as Best Boy and Best Girl respectively because of their best performances in lab.

        Students of our school also received award in the field of Sports. Khushi Joshi of class X won gold medal at CBSE National Taekwondo Championship, silver medal in Delhi Olympic Games (Taekwondo) Also, Himanshu Bhadra and Charu Garg secured second and third position respectively in Inter School Chess Championship and Ashwin secured third position in CBSE Central Zone Swimming Competition under category of 200m free style and 800m free style.

        The ceremony was ended by the speech of the Principal, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva, who appreciated the achievers and motivated others to participate next time.

          On 16 nov 2018, GMS organised a school picnic for the Primary to “JOYRIDE”, a fun city.  The students had a gala time enjoying the joyrides like Archery, Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Monkey Crawl, Rope Ladder.

          Students effortlessly were able to perform these activities. They were acquainted with various traditional arts of Haryana like Puppet Show, Mehndi Art, Pottery and the most enjoyed experience was the mud bath and the tube well bath.

          They also enjoyed relishing the traditional dishes like Rabri – jalebi, pakoras, shikanji, and fresh radish and cucumber from the fields. The tractor ride was the epitome of all the fun. This picnic was a great learning experience for the kids. 


            NATURE WALK
            Event was held in early November 2018   

            It is rightly said “One who does not love the nature, cannot love anything in life.” 
            Increasing pollution and environmental degradation has led the Earth on the brink of existentialist crisis.
            To be a little help to Mother Nature the students of 6th G along with their Science Teacher  Ms. Deepa Bhardwaj took an initiative of making a compost pit. This initiative reverberated the idea of three R’s of environment I.e Reduce , Reuse and Recycle .
            This was a small step towards spreading awareness about the urgent need to heal the environment.  As it is rightly said  - “Don’t be greedy, it’s time to be Greeny.”


              Event was held on 14.11.2018   

              The teachers and children remembered Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister and celebrated the love that he had for all the Children on Children’s Day, 14th November 2018 in the school.  The children arrived at school full of excitement.  On this day, teachers presented a variety of song and dance.  The students were very happy to see their teacher’s performance.  They were presented beautiful cards by their respective teachers.  All students were very happy to receive Candies from the In-charge.


                CHILDREN'S DAY CELEBRATION - 2018
                Event was held on 14.11.2018   

                Children’s Day At GMS- A Day of Beautiful Memories And Celebration of Innocence

                On 14 November 18, 2018, 2018[Wednesday], Greenway Modern School celebrated the most awaited occasion by every student of the school-Children’s Day. The school organised a special assembly for the students of classes I to XII which was conducted by mutually by all the teachers of Primary, Middle and Senior Wing teachers. The assembly started with the prayer done by all the teachers followed up with a speech to a pay tribute to Pt. Nehru. Then, the teachers from Senior wing presented a very beautiful and entertaining as well as musical skit to take the students to their childhood. The students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and praised the same a lot. Next was, a dance drama performed by Middle and Primary Wing teachers that entertained the students very much and finally, was a dance performance by Senior Win g teachers which was also highly liked by all.

                In the end, the Principal of the school Mr. Mohit Sachdeva addressed the assembly and gave his best wishes to all  the students on the occasion and motivated the students to be dedicated and industrious throughout the life. 



                    TECHNOLYMPICS 2.0.18 AT CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL
                    Event was held in October, 2018   

                    A group of students along with the computer teacher Ms. Shruti Barman Participated in Mega Event “TechnOlympics 2.0.18 at Cambridge School such as “Battle of war, Cryptex, Future Tec etc” The students from many renowned school participated in various events it was proud moment for the school when Chitwan and Aman Gupta of Class X were declared Ist Position in Future Tec. It was a great experience over there for students and teacher. Principal appreciated students and teachers efforts.


                      Event was held on 30-31 October, 2018   

                      CBSE organized Capacity Building Program on Business Studies on 30th and 31st October,2018 at Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri. Ms. Prapti Grover, teacher of Business Studies attended the workshop
                      The workshop was headed by two eminent resource persons- Ms Shivani Nagrath and Dr C.B Mishra. Business studies experts of around 35 schools participated in this workshop. The workshop began with an activity amongst teachers whose agenda was to how to make classes more interesting and interactive so that students start learning the subject. The first day of the program focused on teaching pedagogy that the teachers must use in their classes . Teachers were advised to adopt the strategy of AAA( Analyse, Accept and Adapt) with children to make learning more effective. 
                      Dr CB Mishra emphasized that new ideas of students should be encouraged so that India comes up with more startups by using these innovative ideas. 
                      The second day of workshop focused more on class XII upcoming boards. The discussion emphasized on the typology of questions, how to prepare an optimum question paper, the criteria of marking scheme and the changes that have brought in this year question paper. There were various topics which have been eliminated and many new additions were done which were brought into the notice of teachers. Later on various topics where teachers needed more clarity were taken up and concluded with two activities-one was role play and the other was framing case studies and asking the answers from the other teams. Teachers really enjoyed both the activities which made the environment lighter. These activities can be used in our classes to make the topic more interesting and understanding. It was an enlightening session for all the teachers.


                        DIWALI CELEBRATIONS - SENIOR (2018)
                        Event was held on 05.11.2018   

                        On 5 November,2018[Monday], Greenway Modern School organized a resplendent Diwali function. It was the occasion full of exuberance, enjoyment, conviviality, festivity  and positivity. The celebration was done by conducting several activities. A special assembly was conducted by Peace House from classes I to XII wherein many entertaining and spectacular performances were presented by the Primary, Middle and Senior Wing students.. The school organized many interesting and creative activities like Spot Decoration Competition, Rangoli Making Competition and Card Making Competition for Middle and Senior Wing students.

                        Many students participated in the above mentioned activities and some highly talented students turned up as winners too,like-

                        In Inter Section Spot Decoration Competition[ For class X] :

                        First Position was bagged by X –A, Second Position was bagged by X-B and Third Position was bagged by X-C and X-D.

                        In Inter Class Card Making Competition conducted for class IX:

                        First Position was bagged by Mehak and Riya Das of IX-D

                        Second Position was bagged by sanyam and Vanshika of class IX-C and,

                        Third Position was bagged by Teerath and Nikhil of IX-E

                        In Inter House Rangoli Competition[Middle Wing] :

                        First Position was secured by Chavi(8- A),Gaurav(8- A),Pragya(8- D), Nupur(7- A), Niket(8- C),and Utkarsh (8-A) of Purity House

                        Second Position was secured by Abhiram(8-A), Junaid(8-A),Abhay Sood(7-B),Ishita(8-E),Ananya(8-D) and Harshita(8-A) of  Peace House and,

                        Third Position was secured by Ishita (8-B),Palak(7-A),Saurabh(8-D), Lavanya(8-A),Mehar(7-D) and Mahi(7-B) ofLoveHouse and Nishika(8-A), Tiya(8-E), Kanak(8-D),Eshita(7-E),Anubhav(7-B) and Aarthi(8-A) of Harmony House.

                        In Inter House Rangoli Competition[ Senior Wing] :

                        First Position was secured by Manya Singh(XI-A),Kanupriya Verma(XI-A),Divya Goswami(XI-A)Yakshi Baliyan(XI-A) and Shreya Chawla(XI-C) of Love House

                        Second Position was secured by Neha Nautiyal(XI-B),Sakshi Sharma(XI-A),Khushi Dagar(XI-A),Pawan Thapa(XI-E)and Vishnu Priya G.(XI-C) of Peace House and,

                        Third Position was secured by Sanvi Swami(XI-B), Adrija Guha(XI-B), Titiksha Mogha(XI-C),Yash Gautam(XI-C) and Chhavi Tyagi(XI-C) of Harmony House.

                        It was a great and grand celebration that spread happiness, cheer and joy among all.


                          DIWALI CELEBRATIONS - 2018 NURSERY
                          Event was held on 2.11.2018   

                          Deepawali or Diwali, the festival of light symbolizes the victory of good over evil and the glory of light. The students of Pre School & Pre Primary celebrated Diwali on 2nd November 2018 in the school.  The teachers decorated the school with vibrant rangoli designs.  The whole school was enlightened with diyas.  The children came to school dressed in orange coloured clothes, excited and awaiting for the celebration.  The celebration began with students wishing everyone “Happy Diwali” followed by Ganesh and Laxmi Vandana.  Students of Pre School were dressed up as Hanuman & presented an exemplary dance. The students of Pre Primary presented a foot tapping folk dance to match rhythm with the rituals.  The program concluded with the benign presence of Ms. Soumya Ma’am performing Laxmi Puja and also explaining students the importance of Diwali.  She appreciated the students for their performances and reminded each one how it is important to celebrate Diwali in a clean, green and healthy way.


                            Greenway Modern school, Dilshad Garden organized a poster competition as a part of Sparsh Leprosy Elimination Campaign. As we all are aware, leprosy is a contagious disease and all over the world the people are concerned and are taking measures to eliminate this disease. As per the directions of directorate of health services, this competition was organized and near about 500 students participated in it. The best paintings which were selected and sent to directorate of health services were of :

                            Shree Rastogi  ----- IV D

                            Sameer  ---- IV F

                            Anannya Yadav – IX A

                            Samir  Khurana  -- VII C

                            Palak  -- VE

                            Samar --- VC



                            The students understood the Pros and consequences of this disease.


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