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Event was held in September 2018   

Brainstorming session was conducted for the students of class 9th, a part of the ISA Activity under the project titled "PEACE: VYING FOR A BETTER ABODE FOR HUMANITY".?The activity aims to think of possible ways to use information technology for world peace and how can the devastating impact of war on human civilization could be eliminated and significance of global peace. Students collect the information and analyze the impact of war on society, economy and progress of nations. Activity was based on the research work done by the students for the countries like India, South Africa, America, U.K. and how these countries are working towards maintaining world peace and security .Students put forth their ideas and thoughts regarding use of information technology for world peace. This  helped the children about  the causes and consequences of different wars on human progress and the need of peace for the growth of mankind and also learned about peace operations  like Crisis Mapping, Social Media Mapping, Crowd Sourcing, Video Monitoring System, Satellite Imagery, etc. It also broadened their perception towards the working of the UN agencies for peace building and international securities. .The activity enhanced the confidence of the students on public speaking, presentation skills and critical thinking skills.


    Brainstorming session to think of possible ways to use information technology for world peace was conducted on 14 September with students of class X as integrated part of ICT activity. The activity armed to create cognizance about the devastating impact of war on human civilization and significance of global peace and to get world peace, information technology is playing significant role during the session there was an open ended discussion among students and students to give their point of view on information technology to promote world peace”. During discussion, it has been realized that UNESCO and UN are majorly discussing this aspect of technology for peace building. There are several social media platform like quora, facebook to interact with link-minded international members from varied back-grounds working towards one aim of building peace and enjoying innovative methods of learning here.Case studies were also discussed during this session like MIT world peace university for last two decades arranging lecture series through information technology involving members from other university organizations from different Country. In tire discussion was enjoyable and ultimately students reached to Conclusion that information technology is a boon for world peace and developed critical thinking and problem solving still related to social issues. It developed value & validation for global peace.


      Event was held on 8.09.2018   

      A Balanced Food Activity was organized in class IV by E.V.S Teacher Mrs. Sunita Chopra, to give knowledge of all the five food groups in our diet. Traditional cuisines are better than junk food. Each group had four students of four nutrients. Students displayed the cutlery talent and enjoyed doing this activity. It was the time for sharing also.

      The students realized the value of good habits to stay healthy. Avoid junk food eat healthy food we should not waste food also take only as much food as you can eat, This was the motto of this activity. The students were also taught Cleanliness is also very important in the cooking food items.

      To remain healthy, we need all the nutrients in right amount. The students enjoyed this activity.


        Event was held on 07.09.2018   

        A workshop event named ‘Mosking’ was organized in the school for Primary classes on 7th September, 2018 to make children aware of the speedy breeding of the mosquitoes in the environment and how to protect themselves with the help of ‘Mosquito Repellent Band’ by placing it on the wrist & ankle which was water resistant and it was effective for both indoors and outdoors.

        This will prevent the children to protect themselves from the grave diseases like Dengue, Chikengunia, and Malaria.     

          In Arwachin Public Bharti Senior Secondary School, CBSE had organized a Hindi language teaching workshop from 6th sep’18 to 7th sep’18 in which they described about the appropriate methodology of teaching the language.

          In the workshop, the curriculum was elaborately discussed. There was also a discussion about the needs of students, coming to their way in respect of the curriculum.

          The workshop was systematically organized by the headmistress of the school, Mrs Urmila Sharma and was glorified by the chief guest, Mrs Kumud Sharma, respectively.

          In the workshop, teachers were given some tips on how they can make even a hard topic easy for the students. Especially, in Grammar, the teachers can divide the whole into various sections so as to make it interesting. Some examples on the same were also given by the experts.

          At present, Hindi language teaching has become a hard task as the other subjects in the curriculum are studied and learnt by students in English only and this fact has made Hindi subject difficult to study for the students, therefore, how we can overcome this problem and make the language interesting for the students was taught to the teachers in the workshop. It was really a well worth learning experience!  The program was attended by our TGT Hindi Teacher, Mrs. Poonam Sharma

            Greenway Modern School organized a Swachch Bharat Pakhwada from 1st to 15th September 2018 under the guidelines of office of the Special Director of Education (CTB).

            The theme for the pakhwada was “focused engagement with the teachers”.  Before flagging of this 15 days long cleanliness drive in the school premises, the teachers spoke to the students about the significance of cleanliness in our lives.  They also told the students that though the campaign is for 15 days only, but the cleanliness is a thing which had to be maintained even after the stipulated time period.  The school premises including offices, classes, playground and even the parking lots were to be maintained.  For observing the Pakhwada in a benefitting manner, the students had to complete the tasks which were directed through day wise action plans.

            On Swachchta Shapath Day, awareness messages were pasted on the gate and the assembly area while students of each class took an oath to take up at least one activity for personal/school/home/community cleanliness.

            The cleanliness maintenance and planning day witnessed the inspection of sanitary facilities by the teachers.  The day was planned to encourage cleanliness and waste management.

            The Green School Drive encouraged sapling plantation to make the school greener and cleaner.  The concept and relevance of blue and green color dustbins were introduced to the students.

            Swachchta participation Day was full of mind boggling activities ranging from Essay Writing competition to Painting competition organised by the teachers for the students on the topic “What makes my classroom/school/home dirty”.

            In class quiz competition and debates were also organized on cleanliness and hygiene practices in schools.

            Personal hygiene, which is the most important factor in cleanliness was focused on with an audio-visual progaramme.  Through the medium of videos students learnt proper way of cutting and keeping nails clean, hygienic ways of using toilets and proper method of hand washing before and after meals.  Awareness on water bone diseases and safe drinking water habits were encouraged too. The students also took the activity of Water Harvesting and its benefits.

            By the end of this drive, the students observed an alarming point that if we are not serious now towards hazards caused due to the lack of cleanliness, then in the coming years the environment would be more polluted and the situation may be very difficult for humans on earth to survive.

              All over India September 14th is celebrated as Hindi Diwas. Hindi is our national language which is spoken all over the country. To make the students aware about the importance of Hindi the students were made aware about the importance of Hindi language and its usage

                To commemorate the 155th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda an awareness was made by way of his teachings to the students on 12th September 2018. His famous quote was inculcated ‘Arise, Awake and do not stop until the goal is reached’. 

                  Commerce teachers’ foundation felicitates and honor the students of class XI -XII for their excellent result in Olympiad and CBSE board examination. This year the function was organized to felicitate these young achievers, at India international center, Max Mueller Marg on 9th September. Chief Guest was Simrit Kaur, Principal of Shri Ram College of commerce and guest of honor Dr. G.S Grewal (CA author), graced the occasion by their benign presence.

                  Out of the top 20 toppers of Olympiad, 10 of class XII and 10 of class XI, 5 students were from Greenway Modern School. Students of class XII were Poorva Singhal (All India Rank 4),Palak Purwar (AIRT), and the students of class XI were Deeksha Devgan (AIR 3), Kushagra Aggarwal (AIR 5), and Arpit Jagga (AIR 8). Students securing AIR 4 and 7 of class XII and AIR 5 & 8of class XI were awarded a trophy. Student securing AIR 3 Deeksha Devgan was awarded a trophy and cash prize of Rs.5000.

                  Commerce teacher of Greenway Modern School Ms. Neelam Gupta was also awarded a trophy and a certificate for her commendable contribution in the field of commerce. At the end Dr. Simrit Kaur and Dr. G.S Aggarwal motivated the students by their judicious words and congratulated Greenway for its excellent performance.

                  It was a great achievement for Greenway. This victory has added yet another milestone to the legacy of Greenway.

                    Students of class IX and X participated with enthusiasm and aplomb to the brain storming sessions conducted in the classes under the aegis of their Social Science teachers.

                    Class IX talked about the data they have collected related to the major wars and the lesson they learnt from these. The teachers encouraged the students to express their thoughts and analyses the data that they collected about the losses and destruction inflicted upon human civilization. This way, the students learnt about the need of peace and its importance for human progress.

                      Kindly refer to the Seating Plan of Mid Term Examination for classes VII  to  XII  in the download section of the website also

                      Kindly refer to the Seating Plan of Mid Term Examination for classes IV to VI  in the download section of the website also

                      Kindly refer to the Seating Plan of Mid Term Examination for classes I to III in the download section of the website also
                      Kindly refer to the date sheet of Mid Term Examinations for Class IX & X in the download section of the website also

                      ACTIVITY : PEACE : vying for better abode for humanity.

                      CLASS INVOLVED :  (GROUP ACTIVITY ) SECTIONS – IX A,B,C,D,E.



                      All students of class IX were engaged in informative data collection of different wars , their causes and efforts for international peace done by above mentioned countries. Students worked in groups and performed the assigned activity with the best their caliber .Students came to know about the details of different disastrous wars , their causes and their effects on Human progress . They also discussed on the need of ‘Peace’ for the growth of mankind and  nature. They are enriched with the skill of collecting information , data exploration and problem solving with the help of critical thinking ,to work on any social issues. They also realized the value and validation for global peace.

                      The maximum participation was sought from each class and this made the activity an enriching experience.

                      The parameters of assignment were :-

                      Ø  High quality and information

                      Ø  Accuracy and completeness

                      Ø  Uniqueness and timeliness

                      CLASS WISE GROUP ACTIVITY:-

                      IX-A  - INDIA   :-PEACE EFFORTS

                      IX-B - SOUTH AFRICA :- PEACE EFFORTS

                      IX-C - UK :- PEACE EFFORTS

                      IX-D -AMERICA :- PEACE EFFORTS

                      IX-E - RUSSIA :- PEACE EFFORTS 

                        The future leaders got their first taste of governance in a mock parliamentary session held in our school; modelled on the lines of the world parliament, in the month of September 2018. The project was our integral part of ISA activities undertaken under British Council’s approved action plan for ISA.

                        The session debate was on the topic of peace and was contested between the representatives of the different countries who unanimously formed the house of Nations. The House of Councilors headed the session as its members discussed different issues plaguing the pursuit of peace thus hampering global development.

                        While familiarizing the students with the parliamentarian functioning and language, the main objective of the activity was to polish the student’s outlook for peace and the need of development of the mankind. Overall the students realized the devastating impact of war on human civilization and the significance of global peace.

                        The world parliament session concluded that world peace is not a myth and that all the countries should work together to achieve it.


                          Kindly refer to the practical schedule of Mid Term for classes XI & XII in the download section of the website also
                          Kindly refer to the Mid Term Examination date-sheet for classes I - VIII, XI & XII in the download section of the Website also

                          Trailing the above line of thought, Greenway Modern School conducted an activity ,presentations on lives of people who dedicated their life for peace under the project ‘Peace: Vying for a better abode for humanity’ as a part of ISA for the classes IV and V. 

                          The classes were divided into groups. Thereafter each group was allocated a study country, i.e., India, South Africa, America, U.K. and Russia. Two leaders from each group were selected for a well-guided and seamless flow of the activity. An initial discussion was done about the peace efforts made by the leaders of the above mentioned countries and the ways to instil or maintain peace by preparing the future generation for it. The students were also made mindful of abominable effects of war on mankind and therefore the need for peace through slides prepared for the same. After the discussion, the students made stimulating presentations on the given topic. To assess the understanding of the students, a questionnaire was also formulated.

                          As these young scholars are our future leaders, therefore the motif of this activity was to enlighten them about the appalling consequences of was and the significant role of common people in maintaining peace in the world.


                            To celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, we celebrate the festival of Janmashtami all over the country. The Assembly was conducted to celebrate this festival by the Primary Department on 31st August, 2018 in the school premises. It  started with  Lord Krishna’s Bhajans and prayers. After that, students of Classes I – V presented a dance programme. A skit presentation depicting one of the Lord Krishna’s Leela with Maa Yashoda ji was presented. All the participants were looking very beautiful in their vibrant costumes. Everybody appreciated the programme


                              JANAMASHTAMI CELEBRATIONS - 2018 NURSERY
                              Event took place on 31.08.2018   

                              Janmashtami festival was celebrated with great zeal and pomp by the students of Pre School and Pre Primary.  All students came dressed in yellow coloured dress.  The students danced on Krishna songs.  The school was decorated with “Phool Bangla”,  “Krishna Jhoola”, etc.  Students celebrated the occasion by dancing on Krishna songs.  “Dahi Handi” event was also organized to mark the mischievous nature of ‘Bal Gopal’.  A “chappan bhog” was organized by the teachers which was enjoyed by all after the Krishna Aarti.


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