Stories: Wonderland of Fiction


Class IX and X




A true connoisseur of literature would always like to explore, exhibit, revel, question, critic, discuss to get the aesthetic essence of any writer’s works.’

 In collaboration with the British Council ,an activity was conducted with the students of classes IX and X on 19th and 20th of July respectively .This activity provided them the platform to showcase their literary talents like oratory skills or written skills. It not only helped in enhancing the confidence of the students but also instilled the qualities of good public speaking, pronunciation and improved vocabulary.

 The students peeped into the life, work and achievements of some of the famous authors like –

          Roald Dahl                                           -England

          Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov      -Russia

          Oscar Wilde                                          -Ireland

          Guy de Maupassant                            -France

          Haruki Murakami                                 -Japan

 This activity was also an amalgamation of art and literature wherein the students created a book cover based on the famous writer allotted to them and a presentation was taken in classes where the children enacted the stories,gave summary or biography of the writer’s in their own way.

 In a nutshell, the panorama of interesting and knowledge filled activities to facilitate the effective learning and participation of maximum number of students was organized.


    Comics based on Science fiction

    Class involved




    Class VII was engaged in making comics based on Science fiction .Students made spellbinding fictional characters with their imaginations and wrote stories in the form of dialogues and gave beautiful expressions.

    Different sections of class VII organized and participated in this activity enthusiastically. This activity was a beautiful amalgam of science and literature. Students from each section were divided in the groups of 7 and 8. They were asked to choose any topic from the following –

    ·         The world’s loneliest planet.

    ·         Time travel

    ·         Alien’s invasion on my planet.

    They were asked to ponder over the content and write it in the form of dialogues and give the same expressions to their fictional characters. They used their brain networks to understand stories and to navigate interactions with other students.

    The maximum participation was sought from each section of class VII and the outcome was quite commendable. Comics were graded on the basis of –

    ·         Content – 3 Marks

    ·         Creativity – 4Marks

    ·         Presentation – 4 Marks

    The students worked all together quite well and the presentability of comic books was quite mesmerizing. One of the most obvious of this fantasy was that it allowed the students to experiment with different ways of seeing the world. It took a hypothetical situation and invited the students to make connection between this fictive scenarios and their social reality.

    The purpose of introducing the science fiction was creativity that i.e. to make the children enter into the fantastic worlds that are more exciting than mundane reality, has been accomplished. This activity enabled the children to reflect on the ways people interact with each other with technology and with environment. This fiction has given them a platform to consider the futures that they want and those they don’t and how their actions can contribute to one or the other things.



      Event was held on 30th & 31st July, 2018   



      Rhymes add rhythm and melody in Pre School education.  English Rhyme Recitation competition was organized for the students of Pre School and Pre Primary.  The young ones looked stunning in colourful attires.  Children recited rhymes on many current topics like save water, go green, etc.  The props also enhanced their creativity.  Children really gained confidence through this exposure.  Everyone was amazed after seeing their performance.



      Name of the student




      Pre School –  A

      Shubhanshi Singh




      Harleen Ahuja




      Pradhyun Dobbal




      Myra Jain







      Pre School –  B

      Raagi Rathore




      Manasvi Sharma




      Navya Singh







      Pre School –  C













      Ishita Maurya







      Pre School –  D





      Shriya Sharma











      Pre School –  E

      Manan Arora








      Kevaleen Verma







      Pre Primary –  A

      Paavni Joshi

      Special Prize



      Mehar Aradak




      Priyam Das




      Arnav Giri







      Pre Primary – B

      Ritisha Gupta




      Raghavi Jugal




      Pakhi Atrey







      Pre Primary – C









      Drashti Taploo







      Pre Primary – D





      Rishika Pal




      Suryanshi Sharma







      Pre Primary – E









      Aditi Singh







        In order to make children aware of uses of waste material and to give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our future, a “Best out of Waste Model Exhibition” was organized for students of classes Pre School and Pre Primary.  Mind-blowing fabulous ideas were presented by the students.  Right from old CD’s old bottle caps to old towels, every waste material was used.  Projects on means of Transport, Places of worship, Animal homes, etc. were all  displayed in the Exhibition.  The Exhibition was kept open for all the parents and students to see on the PTM during the school hours.  The Exhibition was graced by Ruchi Mam who praised the efforts of the students and motivated them.






             An activity of story - writing competition aiming at engaging the students for creative writing was organized as a part of ISA activity. The students were made to collect and read the stories related to myriad social aspects. Culture and traditions of different countries like England, Ireland, Russia, Japan& France. There was hundred percent participation in the activity. 

                        The children of each class were assigned with a specific country. Each class was divided into 11 groups and the respective teacher discussed about the various places events and people related to different countries. Thereafter a discussion was made on the given topic. The prompts were prepared by the teachers and the students wrote a stories based on different prompts the students were very enthusiastic in getting the work done. Once they were over with the activity, then to check their learning a quiz competition was conducted in each section. A questionnaire was also given which was done in notebooks. Thus the activity was duly completed the students were able to acquire the knowledge about the societal norms and culture of different countries.

            ISA PROJECT


            MONTH : JULY

            CLASS: I

            Activity: Fashion show on favourite characters based on fairy tales of England, France, Russia, Ireland, Japan and India.

            A fashion show was organized by class 1 on fairy tales of the following countries England, France, Russia, Ireland, Japan and India. Wherein the main characters were portrayed by students.

            The purpose of the activities was to make them aware that all the countries have interesting fairy tales. They were also able to know that the language, culture, customs varies but as human race we all have same values feelings and ideas  

            All the sections of class 1st were allotted different countries. They choose two stories of that country which gives sound moral values; and students depicted the main characters of their stories through a fashion show

            On 7/7/2018 Saturday and 10/10/2018 on Tuesday this activity was conducted in the school auditorium. All the sections were assembled and there was a 100% participation of the students .Backdrops were beautifully prepared that enhanced the beauty of the presentation.

            School principal was invited as a guest who praised the noteworthy efforts made by the teachers and the tiny tots. Every student was dressed up according to the character of the fairy tales allotted to them they all walked confidently on ramp and were feeling exulted

            Dialogues were given to narrators who narrated the story confidently with proper voice modulation, correct pronunciation, gesture was taken care and also discuss the moral in the end. Every student was on top of the world while giving their performances. Team spirit was developed amongst the students and they enjoyed every minute and moment of the activity

            At the end Principal Sir motivated the students and appreciated the hard work of the teachers and the performance of the students.

            (Teachers involved in activity were all the mother teacher of standard 1st:

            v  MsKalpanaDagar

            v  MsTanuNegi

            v  MsJyoti Sharma

            v  MsChandniNagi

            v  MsTannuSacheva


              Event took place on 30.07.2018   

              On 30th July, 2018 Maths Quiz was organized for Class I.  Through this activity students got the chance to explore their knowledge and play with numbers.

              All the students enthusiastically participated in the competition.  There were 5 rounds for 5 teams. Each team included 3 students for this activity. The teachers who encouraged the students were Ms. Kalpana Dagar, Ms. Tanu Negi, Ms. Jyoti Sharma, Ms. Chandni and Ms. Tannu.

              The participated were :

              Team A – Navya Kudeshia, Vaibhav Sharma, Sejal Tomar  [ Class – I A]

              Team B -  Abhinav Giri, Achentya Rajput, Kashvi Gupta  [ Class – I B]

              Team C  - Aksh Singh, Hardik Sharma, Laksh Makhija [ Class – I C]

              Team D – Anurag, Jyotsna. Shivang Kashyap    [Class – I D]

              Team E -  Amrit Kumar, Siddharth Sinha, Vedant Dhyani  [ Class – I E]


              The Judges for the Quiz competition were – Ms. Renu Gupta and Ms. Sunita Chopra. The appraised the students for their participation and congratulated the winning teams.

              The winning teams were :

              1.      Team B (Class I B)      1ST Position.

              2.      Team E (Class I E)       2ND Position.


                Event was held on 27.7.2018   

                As a part of the student exchange programme, ten students went to play Chess on the ‘World Chess Day’, to the Russian Cultural Center. They got to meet Mr. Tiwari (First coach of famous chess player, Vishwanathan Anand). The students got a chance to brush their chess tactics with a few budding chess players there.   Overall it was an enriching experience for the Greenwanians as they got to learn some new tricks of the mind – boggling game
                  Kindly refer to the Olympiad Schedule in the download section of the website also 
                  Kindly refer to the Extra Class Schedule for Classes VI & VII in the download section of the website also


                  Event was held on 17.07.2018   

                  In order to enhance the academic capabilities of the students the school conducts Olympiad.


                   A special assembly was  conducted to award the winners of Olympiad on 17.07.2018. The following students made the school proud by their accomplishment, Ankit Parida - III A, Nakshatra Saraswat– IV A, Sai Raman Panda –IV B,  Anshikaa Shivam – V A, Vaidik Sharma – V B, Nishant Tiwari  – VI A, Anya Singh  – VI B, Riya Pant – VI C.


                  The Primary In-Charge Ms. Renu Gupta, congratulated the achievers and certificates were given. She wished the students good luck for the upcoming Olympiads.


                    Event was held on 16.07.2018   

                    A renowned company organized an activity for Classes I and II wherein they showed a cartoon character of  ‘Winkie’ who shook hands with students. They were very excited  to see him and children enjoyed the delicacies of Winkie Cakes as a token of love to their mother. They were told  to share the Cakes with her. They understood the importance of Mother, sharing and caring in their life.


                      Kindly refer to the Extra class time table in the Download Section of the Website also 

                      Participating in the “Inspire camp” at Shivaji College, Delhi University was a beneficial initiative taken for the third time by DST, GOD. It was organized for the top 100% scorers of CBSE & ICSE Board X Examination. Urging a feeling of scientific attitude, the mentors there enjoyed complete liberty expressing their valuable words, implanting in them great fruits of knowledge in verse as well as in text .Moreover, many experienced lecturers benefitted the students by providing a vast sea of information & motivation for chasing different careers in different fields other than Doctors and engineers. Carefully designed lectures, accompanied by brilliant ppt presentations encouraged the need for imparting the scientific key to success in them. This situation got enhanced by the special session by Prof.G.S.Sodhi on forensic chemistry purely based on observation at the very first chance. “If you miss the chance, you miss the case”. Prof. B.Jayaram enlightened them with his great knowledge on DNA technology & how they would be able to get immune to all diseases by 30 years –Prof Sharma taught them how to convert different situations of daily life to mathematical concepts & proved that happiness spreads by dividing (p>D!!!) Dr Subhramanyam gave a mesmerizing lecture on nanotechnology & how matter changes its behaviour in the nano range .Prof. D.Durai described various geological phenomena & also that “Global warming is not worth care”. Practicals enhancing their skills, full of precautions,  wherein they got to know about using oil emission microscopes to knowing our blood group, to spreading up the contents of plant cells, to hemoglobin count, to sterilizing objects at the hospital and the most favourite qualitative analysis for identifying cations along with adulterations (if present) in milk & butter .The students had brilliant experience, good exposure & learning. The meritorious students of Greenway who attended this camp were Abhinav, Kamal, Samarth , Rishi , Vanshika , Sameeksha , Harsh, Ujjwal , Ekta , Aman Panchal,Neha and Kanupriya of Class XI.  On the last day, they were felicitated with certificates by the college Principal, vice Principal & the Coordinator and were given a promise to provide such endeavors in future also. The teacher who accompanied them on all five days was -Ms. Jayshree Shreedharan & this initiative was taken by Sr. Coordinator Ms Yogyata Mathur.



                        TABLE MANNERS ACTIVITY - NURSERY
                        Held on 18th July, 2018   

                        Table Manners Activity was organized for the student of class Pre School. A short skit was presented by the teachers to teach the children about healthy food habits and table manners, etc. Students made Table mats with the help of teachers out of colourful papers & were taught the correct placement of plate, spoon, glass, napkin, etc on the table.



                          MANGO PARTY - NURSERY ACTIVITY
                          Held on 18th July, 2018   

                          It was a perfect day to celebrate the season of the king of fruits “Mango” in the form of a Mango Party.  Teachers introduced different types of Mangoes to the students, in the morning assembly.  Children were introduced to different varieties of Mangoes like Dussehri, Safeda, Langda, Chausa etc.  They were told the difference between ripe and raw Mangoes and different dishes prepared with them.  Children really enjoyed eating mangoes.


                            LEMONADE PARTY - NURSERY ACTIVITY
                            Held on 13th July 2018   

                            Students of Pre School and Pre Primary this summer had lemonade party in school.


                              RAINY DAY PARTY - NURSERY ACTIVITY
                              Held on 6th and 7th July 2018   

                              To beat the heat of the summer a ‘Rain Dance Party’ was organized for Pre School & Pre Primary students. The tiny tots danced to the thrilling music which infused the atmosphere with energy and fun.  Rain brings happiness and smile and so did the Rain Dance Party.


                                A group of 35 students along with the computer teacher, Ms. Heena Devgan went to IIT DELHI on 12 July 2018 to attend a workshop conducted by Etherium Foundation in collaboration with Atal Innovation Mission on “Block chain and its two scaling solutions- Casper and Sharding”. The workshop was headed by Karl Floersch and Justin Drake of Etherium Foundation, who gave highly technical insight to the students about the Block chain. Many professionals in this field and students from different states attended the workshop. The teacher and the students of Greenway Modern School had an enriching experience. 


                                  AN ART COMPETITION -13.07.2018
                                  Event was held on 13.7.2018   

                                  NDTV Organized an art competition for the classes I to X and some students of Class XI also participated, on the topic Art with a purpose and the sub topic being “Your message to Indian soldiers as a salute to the real nation hero” It had 100 percent participation of students. With great enthusiasm and zeal they sketched their feelings through their paintings. They put their heart and soul to give a tribute to our brave soldiers who are the real warriors of our country. The selected nine paintings were of :

                                  SIDDHARTH SINHA IE

                                  SHOURYA RAGHAV  IIA

                                  ANJUMAN  ARA  IIIB

                                  MANVI SINHA  VIIA

                                  ABHIRAM RATHNEESH VIIA

                                  ARHAM VIIB

                                  ANJANA JAYAPRAKESH  XB

                                  HARSHITA JONWAL XD

                                  YAKSHI  BALIYAN XIA 

                                    Commerce Teacher Foundation (CTF) organized a workshop on 7th July 2018 at Rukmani Devi Public School, Pitam Pura, New Delhi. C.A Dr. G.S. Grewal and Sh. R.K. Khosla renowned authors  were invited as guest speaker to share their knowledge with the members and participants. At Greenways it is always an endeavor of the school to regularly encourage the teachers to attend the workshop and enrich their knowledge .

                                    Dr. G.S. Grewal discussed about recent changes in the CBSE syllabus of Class XI & XII,concept of GST & its impact on society, treatment of Goodwill and changes in cash flow. Whereas Mr.R.K. Khosla showered his knowledge about the preparation of final accounts from incomplete records in an interesting manner. Both the sessions were very interactive and various practical queries were discussed.

                                    At the end,Mr. Dinesh Madan,Founder & General Secretary of CTF,as a token of respect presented memento to Learned G.S. Grewal, R.K. Khosla &Principal of the School. On this occasion our school teacher, Mrs. Neelam Gupta,was invited on the dais to present souvenir to the eminent guest speaker Sh. R.K. Khosla. 

                                    Workshop came to an end with Mr. Dinesh Madan beautiful words

                                    “Knowledge of teacher is important but

                                    delivery of knowledge is more important”

                                      As a part of the Exchange Programme some of the students of Class VII & VIII got the privilege to go to the Russian Cultural Centre where they were made to understand about the Russian lifestyle and culture. It was the 75th anniversary of ‘KURSK WAR’, the management of the centre had organized an exhibition having a photo gallery, dedicated to the Russian Soldiers. The chief guest on the occasion was Maj. Dalbeer Singh, the retired Indian Army Personnel who not only inaugurated the exhibition, but also inspired the students with his real life experience of wars. The personnel was also associated with many other organizations. He motivated the students to join Indian Army. It was a great learning experience for the students that made them learn about the history of the wars in which Russia had participated and showed the valour to other countries of the world.  The students felt privileged to be a part of the visit

                                        A special assembly was held today to felicitate the winners of Zonals and Inter-District Level for the session 2017 - 2018. Shreya Mallick of Class IX A and Ananya Gupta IX B were also awarded for winning the Nationals of ‘My India Campaign’ held at Bangalore on June 18th & 19th, 2018.  They had won a Memento, Certificate and Cash Prize of Rs. 10,000/-.  A proud moment!  The Certificates were given by the School Principal Mr. Mohit Sachdeva. He congratulated the students and teachers for their efforts.

                                          Kindly refer to the Date Sheet of Pre-Mid Term Exams for Classes I to XII in the download section of the Website also.
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