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On 26 January 2019, Greenway Modern School celebrated its Scholars’ Day of class I and II. The program began with the welcoming of the gathering and emphasis of knowledge in a child’s life. In addition to this, the event also marked the commemoration of India’s70th Republic Day. The Principal of the school, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva, hoisted the National Flag. This was entailed by Saraswati Vandana marking the commencement of the ceremony, followed by the felicitation of class I and II Scholars.

After the felicitation, a dance performance was presented by the students of the school, inspiring all the spectators with the theme ‘Unity in Diversity’. After the program, the school Principal concluded the assembly with a speech that motivated the students and raised a sense of patriotism among all.


    Event was held on 25.1.2019   ...News & Events

    The 70th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at Greenway Nursery School, Dilshad Garden on 25th January’19.   The students, dressed up in Orange, White, Green dresses, saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to upholding the honour and integrity of India.

     The students of Pre School and Pre Primary danced on patriotic songs. The melodious music and graceful movements of these little children were spellbinding!!!

     Later the Nursery In-charge addressed the students and urged them to do their best and feel proud to be Indians.




      VISIT TO VIDHAN SABHA - 14.01.2019
      Event was held on 14.01.2019   ...News & Events

      On 14 January 2019,  Principal of Greenway Modern School, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva accompanied by two teachers, Ms. Yogyata Mathur and Ms. Jaishree Shreedharan and some students along with their Russian delegation got the opportunity to visit Vidhan Sabha wherein they all had an interactive session with the speaker of Vidhan Sabha who explained them about the history of Vidhan Sabha, about the great freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru and their heroic deeds. All the visitors were shown the place where the session is held and also a way through a secret tunnel to Lal Qila followed by the prison where  the prisoners were hanged. It was a highly elucidative and informative session which was followed by a luncheon. The visitors were also presented a key chain by the speaker as a token of love in which the picture of Vidhan Sabha was inscribed. It was a trip worth to remember for all.


        SCHOLARS' DAY CELEBRATIONS – 17.1.2019
        Event was held on 17.1.2019   ...News & Events

        17th January dawned as a zestful celebration  brimming with colours of   felicitation, jubilations and friendship.  GREENWAY MODERN SCHOOL Dilshad Garden  school celebrated its scholars' day at Shah Auditorium, Rajniwas Marg, Civil Lines, Delhi . The celebrations aptly christened as VIBGYOR revolved around the colourful celebration of school's accomplishments in the fields of academics , culture , sports ,music ,science and Information and computer technology. The  delegation of Russian students and teachers were also a part of this commemoration .

        Mr.A.GITESH SARMA , Secretary (west) Ministry of External Affairs was the honourable chief guest for the occasion .MR.K.G Suresh, director Indian institute of mass communication was the guests of honour . Special guests were Ms. Tatiana Perova Head Secretary  Russian Cultural Exchange Programme  and Mr. Alexzi Illuvuiav second secretary, Ms. Evazania Zeegofer second secretary of Russian cultural programme ) and Ms. Sudha Jagganath the famous Bharatnatyam Dancer who graced  the programme with their eminent presence . 
        The bonanza of colours , sound and music unfurled after the official welcome of the guests by the school Manager Mr. Kamal Sachdeva. followed by an enticing invoking to the muse with saraswati vandana.  The special ability children put up a heart touching performance which garnered thunderous applause from the audience. The prize distribution for twelfth class toppers and 0.01% merit holders was followed by the programmes signifying each colour of the rainbow, be it the passionate orange presented in the form of hanuman chalisa, the warm and energetic blue and red with the amazing story of Neelkamal and Lalkamal , be it the depiction of manmade tragedy of war and its consequences presented through blue or the nature presented through the colour green , young Greenwanian brought a glitter of colours for the viewing pleasure of audience .After prize distribution, the Russian guests presented a sublime presentation of their culture through a charming blend of dance and music . With a soulful exchange of pledge and souvenirs  to continue this exchange and strengthen the bonds of friendship between Russia and India , the programme culminated into a finale and then a vote of thanks by the principal Mr. Mohit Sachdeva . Thus another feather was added in the cap of the school marking another milestones covered in its noble pursuit to educate, enlighten and uplift the future pioneers, leaders and world changers .


          Event was held on 15.1.2019   ...News & Events

          Greenway modern welcomed Russian delegates in school . The purpose of educating is not complete without teaching  the young minds to perceive the whole world as their global  family  .In keeping with the legacy of peace, friendship and cooperation between India and Russia, Greenway modern school Dilshad Garden welcomed a contingent of 12 students and 4 teachers from Russia under the aegis of Mrs. krokova Nadiazdah, principal (school number 3 ) on 15th of January 2019.
          The honourable guests were given a cordial warm hearted welcome as they arrived at the premises. Young Greenwanians along with Teachers and Management expressed their exuberance in the form of flowers. .
          They promulgated the information about the school and it's motto with the guests .They furthermore disseminated information about the colourful display-boards they had diligently embellished with the interesting facts about affinity between  Indo-Russian culture and traditions .It touched a chord of cognizance with the guests .
          A sublime cultural programme displaying a kaleidoscopic glimpse of Indian unity in diversity was presented for the visual pleasure of the guests .The teachers and students of school number 1 and 3 regaled Greenwanians with their scintillating dance and song performance .The guests visited ATL and other science labs where they were engaged in lively experiments and interactive activities . The guests loved special stalls of Mehndi,  Tattoos ,Indian Sweets and exotic handicrafts arranged for them by the Students .They participated with full enthusiasm in the fun games of Tug Of War , Musical Chair and Bursting Of Balloons with their Indian counterparts. 
          soaked in the true spirit of friendship and amicability, the event added as yet another cherishable memory in the treasure trove of accomplishments of the School .Principal of Russian School Ms. Krokova Nadiazdha conveyed a heartfelt thanks to Greenway for their genial hospitality and hoped that this wonderful exchange programme between two schools would bear fruits and culminate into stronger propagation of peace and education. .
          The principal of Greenway Mr. Mohit Sachdeva proposed a vote of thanks for the delegates and reaffirmed the school's aspirations to explore every possible horizons in creating a better world for tomorrow


            I.S.A EXHIBITION – 29.12.2018
            Event was held on 29.12.2018   ...News & Events

            An exhibition was organized in the school on the collaborative projects of I.S.A. on the day of PTM on 29.12.2018 to engage the parents in the learning activities related to I.S.A.

            The first project taken up was “Rivers-Nurturing the flow that sustains the tree of life”. As a part of this project students were supposed to prepare a river report lap-book-giving various details of the rivers taken for detailed study-like the length , depth ,flora-fauna, new water technologies etc. as well as geographical representation of the findings.

            The lap-books were exchanged with the partners school in Russia and  there after the lap-books prepared by the Russian students and our own students-were displayed which were liked and appreciated by the parents and visitors alike. They were a clear mirror of what our young learners have explored and learned on global issues related to rivers.

            The next corner was dedicated to the exhibits associated with the topic “From Barter systems to the Bit-coins” which was a sub-activity of the project “Money makes the world go round” .Students depicted the “Barter system with innovative models; replica of the old coins of different countries were displayed and explained along with the modern currency notes, plastic money and the concept of bit-coins were given as well. The display of their passionate efforts was a true picture of the global learning at Greenway.

            Students learnt the value of research work, organizational skills and team work when putting up such an event on a grand scale. Principal of the school Mr. Mohit Sachdeva appreciated the efforts of the students and the teachers.

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