Physical Health Education
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CBSE introduced mandatory health and Physical Education and they decided to mainstream HPE Programme which will be, mandatory for all schools, with the aim of holistic development of the child, leading to a well balanced individual in all walks of life, also to enable the students to attain an optimum state of health.

In the workshop conducted by CBSE, it was told that theory part should be also conducted enabling the students to understand the rules of the games. In this tech world, this initiative by CBSE will improve the health conditions and to a certain extent reduce the obesity which is prevailing in students now a days. It is rightly said “Health is Wealth” keeping above in mind, Greenway Modern School, took various activities with the classes, so that holistic development of the students can be done.



    Event was held on 29.12,2018   ...News & Events

    The dental Check-up was held on 20.12.2018 by a team of doctors  from Colgate . It was held  for Classes I to VII, wherein they checked  the students  cavity and how to brush the teeth, how many times they should  brush. They were given the  Kit which  contained  tooth paste, brush and tongue cleaner.


      Event was held on 17.12.2018   ...News & Events

      On 17 December’18 and 18 December’18, Greenway Modern School celebrated ‘ Bhasha Sangam’ to commemorate the linguistic diversity of India. It is an initiative taken by our government under ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ programme  to provide multilingual exposure to students in Indian languages listed in Schedule VIII of our constitution. So to celebrate the spirit of national integrity, Greenway Modern school conducted special assembly on two consecutive days wherein students of the school performed an activity in which they recited some lines in different languages to familiarize all the students and staff with the 22 languages of our country. During the activity, all the students and other members of the school gathered in the assembly   took an active involvement to raise the spirit of oneness and celebrate the diversity of Indian culture.


        Event was held on 14.12.2018   ...News & Events

        On 14 December 2018, a counseling session on adolescence issues was organized in Greenway Modern School in which Girl students of class 7 and 8 were given an opportunity to share their problems they face in  adolescence. The session was taken by the Academic In-charge of the school, Ms. Yogyata Mathur, who motivated the students to face the challenges smartly and also provided some tips to them to deal with their problems. The students shared their problems and issues and got the best solutions to them and they also learnt that they should not be a servant to social networking. The session was very interactive and informative for the students.  In the end, the Principal of the school, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva, counseled the students to be disciplined and ethically strong to achieve sure success in life.


          Event was held on 08.12.2018   ...News & Events

          Greenway Modern School strongly believes that “Knowledge starts in the womb and ends in the tomb”. Keeping the same in mind, the school organized a workshop on Early Childhood Learning for the educators. The workshop was put up by a renowned publisher.

          The five hour long workshop was an enriching experience for all the teachers as the resource person, Ms Chandeep Marwah, emphasized an overall development as a human in today’s society. She threw light upon the four skills of a child, i.e., cognitive, physical, brain motor development and learning; and how each skill is an important aspect in the development of a child.

          Multitudes of teachers from various schools of East Delhi registered themselves for the workshop which involved a lot of group activities. The teachers were felicitated by the director of Rachna Sagar, Mr. Neeraj Gupta.

          Honorable Principal Sir, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva acknowledged the efforts of the Teachers and the resource person for the fruitful and enriching workshop which was organized under the supervision of the Coordinator, Ms. Sarita.


            Event was held on 30.11.2018   ...News & Events

            On 30th November’18 and 1st December ‘18, a workshop was organized in Presidium School, Ashok Vihar by Mr. Mukesh Kohli and Dr. Dara of PEC India. In the workshop, teachers were invited to give knowledge about the importance of Physical and Health Education for the students. The workshop stressed on total health of learner, attainment of optimum health, practice of healthy living and diet and hygiene. There were four strands of the two day workshop that were given high importance and they were: Games/Sports, Health and Fitness, SEWA and Health and Activity Record. The workshop focused on that at least one hour every child should play. The workshop also informed the teachers about assessment in Physical Education, how to assess different fitness components of learner, development of Rubrics for assessing Sports Skills, disability awareness, teaching pedagogy and methods of teaching and much more . All the teachers present in the workshop learnt a lot about Physical Education and from Greenway Modern School, Ms. Jayshree was given the opportunity to be a part of the workshop.  


              Event was held on 12.12.2018   ...News & Events

              On 12th Dec, 2018 a career counselling session was held in Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden for the students of class 10th. An expert, Dr. Anubhuti Sehgal guided the students about one of the most important decisions they had to take by choosing a stream which would develop their career. The students were made aware about the careers available in each and every stream, through slideshow “Choosing destination is the most important thing, the path to reach there becomes manageable.” – She said. The main focus was to guide and provide students various options so that they could choose a suitable career and then choose a suitable stream according to their interest and aptitude to go forward to that career.  Questions like “How to differentiate between interest and passion?”,“What are the different criteria as a student should see before finalizing a particular stream?” and “What are the obstacles everyone has to face while pursuing a particular career.” This helped the students a lot as after the session students were left with a clear vision about the career they had to look forward. The session ended up with the students clearing their doubts.


                Event was held on 7.12.2018   ...News & Events

                On 7 December 2018, a workshop was held in Greenway Modern School in which Class X students were made aware of road safety and traffic rules. Good habits get inculcated at a young age and in due course become persistence habits. Awareness on road safety is a need to be inculcated at a very young age. So in the Workshop, the representatives of Delhi Traffic  Police gave knowledge to the students to follow the traffic rules, how to cross the road and also had an interaction session with the students in which students put forth their concerns and cleared their doubts related to traffic rules. The traffic cops sensitized the students and encouraged them to educate others also for the same. It was a really a learning experience for the students.


                  Event was held on 01.12.2018   ...News & Events

                  Greenway Nursery School organized a Handwriting Competition on    01-12-2018 for the students of classes Pre School and Pre Primary.  It was conducted in their respective classrooms.  All the students actively participated.  They were taught how to hold the pencil correctly at 45 degree angle and not to press the pencil very hard.  They were encouraged to write neatly on the line with correct letter formation and less spelling errors.  This workshop was conducted by DOMS company.  They gifted one pencil to each student.  All students received participation certificate.  1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were given from both Pre School and Pre Primary classes.



                  CLASS & SEC

                  NAME OF THE CHILD


                  Pre School – C



                  Pre School – A

                  Meet Sachdeva


                  Pre School – D




                  CLASS & SEC

                  NAME OF THE CHILD


                  Pre Primary – C

                  Raghav Paswan


                  Pre Primary – E

                  Vaiga P Nair


                  Pre Primary – A



                            CONSOLATION PRIZE:-


                  CLASS & SEC

                  NAME OF THE CHILD

                  Pre School – A





                  Myra Jain



                  Pre School – B








                  Pre School – C

                  Ishita Maurya







                  Pre School – D








                  Pre School – E




                  CLASS & SEC

                  NAME OF THE CHILD

                  Pre Primary – A

                  Anvi Dwivedi





                  Pre Primary – B






                  Pre Primary – C



                  Aliya Ahmed


                  Aditi Sharma


                  Prayasi Das


                  Pari Sharma



                  Pre Primary – D






                  Pre Primary – E








                    Event was held from 19 - 25.11.2018   ...News & Events

                    GMS fosters the feeling of oneness with Quami Ekta Week


                    With a view to foster and reinforce the spirit of communal harmony, national integration and pride in our vibrant, composite culture and nationhood, Greenway Modern School, observed the "Quami Ekta Week" (National Integration Week) from November 19-25, 2018, under the authority of CBSE circular dated 16 November 2018.


                    With an aim to instill the sentiments of peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and brotherhood in our multi-cultural society of India; the school organised various events like student meetings, seminars, symposium, discussions, poster making, role plays, etc. based on the specific theme of each day.


                    The week aimed at highlighting national integration, linguistic harmony, cultural unity, development of weaker sections, issues of women emancipation and conservation. 


                    The students were also a part of the National Integration Pledge during the celebration to preserve and strengthen the liberty and honesty of India. 



                      TEREE OLYMPIAD FINALIST
                      Event was held in end of November   ...News & Events

                      A proud moment for Greenway Modern School that 11 students were selected for final round of Terre Olympiad 2018 and the name of students are:

                      Vanshika Gupta                              IX C

                      KritikaDalal                                      IX E

                      Lavanya Bansal                               IXB

                      UtkarshChoudhary                        IX E

                      Shreyanshi   Singhal                      VIII B

                      Kushagra                                          VIII C

                      Aarthi                                                VIII A

                      Ayushi Jain                                       VIII A

                      Ishita                                                  VIII B

                      Shrey                                                 VI B

                      Vaidik Sharma                                 V B

                      Ashwin A. Kesav                             VII A

                      The school organized first of its online exam.


                        MEASULES RUBELLA CAMPAIGN
                        Event was held on 30.11.2018   ...News & Events

                        A Measules Rubella Campaign was held on 30.11.2018 at 2.30 PM in Greenway Modern School to make the students aware about Measules Rubella, Vaccine which provides protection from Measles and Rubella. The panel of doctors made the teachers and the DD officials who were a part of this workshop about the age group in which this injection has to be given and also the measures to be taken while giving the injection. It was an informative session. The session was attended by the Nodal In-charge of the school Ms. Charu Khosla.


                          WORLD AIDS DAY OBSERVED IN GMS - 01.12.2018
                          Event was held on 01.12.2018   ...News & Events

                          On 1 December 2018, Greenway Modern School observed World AIDS Day and raised awareness of the AIDS pandemic among the students. On this day, a special assembly was conducted in the school premises in which a  speech was delivered  by Riya Gopakumar of VIII A who made the students aware of the causes of the disease, its precautions and preventive measures and also motivated the students to generate awareness for the same among masses so as to fight against the disease. The day gave the students an opportunity to show solidarity with the millions of people living with HIV worldwide. After learning about the facts related to the disease, the students of the school affirmed that they will raise the awareness of AIDS all around and make everyone know that we all have ‘Right To Health’.    


                            AN ECO CLUB ACTIVITY - SKIT ON ANTI LITTERING
                            Event was held on 30.11.2018   ...News & Events

                            Good stuff happens when you bin your litter’
                            Greenway Modern School launched an anti littering campaign as a part of the eco-club activity. The idea behind the campaign was to discourage littering and promoting recycling. Our school teachers, Ms. Deepa Bhardwaj and Ms. Nancy Gupta came up with a brilliant idea of a stage show with class 7th students during the school assembly. The play established the awareness of maintaining a litter-free environment and encouraged everyone not to drop litter inappropriately.
                            The school drawing teacher’s Ms. Anita and Ms. Neha added filters to the campaign by prompting the students to design beautiful posters throwing light on the preservation and restoration of the environment’s aesthetics, resources and longevity which can majorly be achieved by proper disposal of litter.
                            The students felt enlightened and pledged to keep their environment healthy and clean.

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