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Event was held on 12.04.2019   ...News & Events

On April 12, 2019(Friday) Greenway Modern School organized an Inter House Poster Making competition on the topic ’Save Heritage’ to commemorate World Heritage Day( April 18 2019).

In the competition, the budding artists of the school showed their tremendous talent and canvassed their imagination and thoughts with colours. The competition was conducted for the primary and senior wing  of the school. Two students from each house were selected to represent their house in the competition. All the students were very talented and out of them some were awarded for their commendable art. The names of the winners are:


1st-Divyanshi-5B (Purity House)

2nd –Sai Raman-5B (Peace House)

3rd –Samanvi-5E (Harmony House) and Rahul-5E (Love House)


1st –Yakshi-12B (Love House) and Nikhil-10E (Harmony House)

2nd –Yash-12C (Harmony House)

3rd –Sankalp-12B (Peace House) and Sanjana-12D (Purity House)

    Kindly refer to the Extra Class schedule for under performers of classes VI and VII in the download section of the website also
    Kindly refer to the Extra Class schedule for under performers of class I to V in the download section of the website also
    Kindly refer to the Extra Class Schedule for under performers of classes VIII to XII in the download section of the website also


    Event was held on 06.04.2019   ...News & Events

    On 06 April 2019,Saturday, Greenway Modern School conducted a special assembly to celebrate World Health Day which is observed on April 7,every year. On this occasion, Surya of class XII B, shared his views on how one can keep & maintain good health. His speech made all the students aware of the importance of good health and hygiene. World Health Day is observed all over with a purpose to create interest and inculcate the significance of good health& hygiene.

    On this occasion, an inter house poster making competition for middle wing was also conducted in the school. The following are the winners who represented their house and showed their best creativity:

    First- Nupur (8A), Adi. S. Dev (7A) from Purity House

    Second- Sanya (8C) , Daksh (8F) from Harmony House

    Third- Palak (8A) ,  Shariq (8D)from Love House

    Fourth- Tanya (8F) , Mihika (8F)from Peace House


      AN ANOTHER ACCOLADE TO GMS - 05.04.2019
      Event was held on 05.04.2019   ...News & Events

      This year, Greenway Modern  School, Dilshad Garden has got an another feather added to its cap by extending hands in cultural exchange to Netherlands. On April 5 2019, an informative educational session was conducted at Netherland  Embassy . The session was partaken by Ms. Jaishree Shreedhar, the activity and Exchange Program Coordinator of the school.

      The organisers and facilitators of the event made the attendees aware about the various universities, courses and the scholarship programs which can be availed to the students after 12th. A discussion was also held keeping forth the various possibilities for the exchange Program with regard to Greenway Modern School and Schools at Netherlands. It was a constructive and productive discussion that rendered many  possibilities for the Exchange Program to take place in future. 


        Event was held on 03.04.2019   ...News & Events

        ‘A Fresh Start’ (The first day of the session 2019-20)

        On April 3 2019, Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden started its new academic session for the year 2019-20.The Principal of the school, Mr Mohit Sachdeva, addressed the students in the assembly by welcoming the students and inspiring them with his motivational thoughts.He also encouraged the students to keep working hard throughout the session and participate in the activities and show the best results. The students were euphoric and exhilarated to have a new start and they also got inspired by the words of the principal. An interactive session for the students of class X and XII was organized by the school wherein the students were introduced to the CBSE curriculum and guidelines by the Principal of the school.  

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