Workshops 2019-20



Greenway Modern School  celebrated ATL TINKERFEST on 7, 8 August 2019. Mr. R.P.Singh CBSE Joint Secretary Department of skill education was invited as chief guest on 7th August & Mr Dibyojyoti of Stemrobo on 8th August 2019.

Today in this age of information Technology, ATL Labs spur the spark of creativity beyond regular curriculum. The stem robotics education helps the children to explore skills of future such as designing computational thinking adaptive learning and Internet of things, artificial intelligence empowering the young mind. Keeping all these motive in mind ATL Tinkerfest was conducted for 2 days , comprised of workshop on internet to make them realize importance of technology to operate household electronic & electrical equipment while seating anywhere even away from house and Tinkerathon was the aim to foster curiosity, imagination and  business skill in young mind, so students from different community school were invited and provided it virtual money to design & implement ideas in Technology to present some model & judgment was done on the basis of idea, economic efficiency & presentation. Lovely Public School Priyadarshini Vihar was the winner of Tinkerathen. Principal Mr. Mohit Sachdeva encouraged the gathering to faster an environment of innovation and creativity by exposing the children of society and community to the latest innovation in the laboratory. The event concluded with prize distribution to winning team and participating team by Mr Dibyojyoti  and Ms. Yogyata Mathur, ATL In-charge of the school. Students also exhibited this project to students & teachers of other school as well as guest. All the participants specially the students were highly motivated. Click here to view more photographs.





On 25 April 2019, a workshop on road safety rules awareness was organized in Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden which was conducted by SI Sachin and ASI Ramvir. Around 280 students and 16 teachers attended the workshop that made them understand the value of traffic rules and road safety. In the workshop, the students were briefed about the various traffic rules that ought to be followed in order to maintain safety on roads. The students were told how they must follow rules while cycling or driving. The students also tried to interact with the experts by raising their queries and sorting them.

The workshop was a huge success as it helped spread awareness and create traffic ambassadors who shall further spread the message of obeying traffic rules and ensuring road safety. The workshop also awakened a sense of citizenship among the students.  Click here to view more photographs.



On 23 April, 2019, Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden celebrated ATL Community Day wherein the students and teachers of contiguous schools along with the students of two fabled NGO’s i.e. CRY and Nanhe Pakshi actively participated. They were welcomed by the School Principal Mr Mohit Sachdeva and they were made to know about the fundamental concepts and given an introduction to ATL.

The students were involved in activities like Broadband, Heel, RGB, 3D Printing and the students interestingly made models using Pop sticks. They used their mind skill to invent new things. An Exhibition was also set up wherein the students of the host school delineated sundry models of Drone, Robotic Arm, Bridge, Snake Game, Tesla Coil & Pressing Machine. The teachers and students of the guest schools evinced their desirous interest in knowing about the ATL and the related activities. All the students were felicitated with the participation and appreciation certificates. The Principal Mr Mohit Sachdeva, appreciated the efforts of the ATL Incharge, Ms Yogyata Mathur and the mentor Mr Akshay. The event was very grand and informative which provided the budding inventors a platform to explore and showcase their innovations.



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