Class IV,V & VII- Class Fair


                       Class Fair

On 24 January 2019, GREENWAY MODERN SCHOOL conducted an ISA activity on the project-Money makes the world go round in class IV, V & VII.

In this activity, a class fair for little kids was arranged where they sold clay models, handicraft items, toys they created while the other class acted as consumers. Students made currency on their own.

Through this activity students learnt how currencies help in developmental and financial growth of the world at macro level. Students were able to identify the currencies of given countries and their denominations.

Before starting with the activity, the teachers had done the group discussion thoroughly. Students were divided into two groups. In one group, currency of different countries was distributed equally to the students and the other group exhibited the fair where they sold handicrafts made by them.

This activity taught them about the basic financial problems,  importance of money. Students gained knowledge about the currencies of different countries, status of different countries & their conversion factor.

A quiz was also conducted for the students in which all of them participated enthusiastically.

Through this activity students were encouraged to learn the comparative values of different currencies and was successfully conducted.

Discussion on Class Fair

Discussion on Class Fair

Class Fair conducted in our school

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