July 2018 - CLASS VIII


            An activity of story - writing competition aiming at engaging the students for creative writing was organized as a part of ISA activity. The students were made to collect and read the stories related to myriad social aspects. Culture and traditions of different countries like England, Ireland, Russia, Japan& France. There was hundred percent participation in the activity. 

            The children of each class were assigned with a specific country. Each class was divided into 11 groups and the respective teacher discussed about the various places events and people related to different countries. Thereafter a discussion was made on the given topic. The prompts were prepared by the teachers and the students wrote a stories based on different prompts the students were very enthusiastic in getting the work done. Once they were over with the activity, then to check their learning a quiz competition was conducted in each section. A questionnaire was also given which was done in notebooks. Thus the activity was duly completed the students were able to acquire the knowledge about the societal norms and culture of different countries.

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