May 2018 -CLASS III

Topic: Role play on Unassailable women of the world and how they affect our daily lives.

An ISA group activity was organized for class III students in the month of April to make the little children aware of the power of women in their daily lives. Be it their mother,  teachers, house maid or the strong women around them who had toiled hard to achieve their positions.

Students were encouraged to play the roles of women in their lives like - mother, teachers, housemaids, nurse, and also the strong women of the world who make a difference in their lives.

An open ended discussion was held in every section of the class by their class teacher and students were given information about the famous women of the world too.

Quizzes based on the roles of women were held in their classes so that they learn to respect the role of women in their lives and to get inspired by them.

The students, parents and teachers participated enthusiastically in the activity to make it successful. 

Activity: - Small handmade gifts.

On 25th April the students of class III did anISA activity on hand made gifts for their mothers and teachers as an expression and gratitude. Art teachers helped them to give a proper shape to their gifts.

They learned new techniques to make the gifts and all the sections participated in the activity enthusiastically. Every student enjoyed, they made different types of gifts like greeting cards, personal diary, flowers, flower basket mugs with marble prilating etc.

Overall it was an interesting activity and through this activity an aesthetic sense was developed and it

Enhanced the imagination of the students.

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