April 2018 - CLASS VII

Activity: Collage Making

Collage making activity was conducted in class 7 from 20/4/18 to 27/4/18. Each section was alloted a country and it's sport. Further each section was divided into groups for the activity.

Research work took three days after that students took two days to think and show their abilities and skills for making Collage. On 27/4/18,  they came up with very innovative ideas and showed amazing creativity while making Collage. They were given 1 hour 30 mins for making Collage. 
The objective of this activity was to make the learners understand about the rules and regulations of some popular sports played around the world. 

Students collected information from various sources and executed the things very well. 
Students learnt about great ideas which augmented their creativity. A general questionnaire was prepared on the basis of information collected by the students to ensure that they understand the things well. A quiz was also conducted in all the sections. Students showed enthusiasm in peer assessment also.

The activity was successfully concluded as students developed a sense of friendliness and team spirit. They also learnt to develop strategic planning and this enhanced their vocabulary and creativity. They gained confidence and also learnt about time management.

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