Examination Schdedule


(2018 – 2019)


Class Test Begins

1st May, 2018


12th May,  2018

Pre Mid Term Exam

9th  July, 2018 onward


28th July, 2018

Mid Term Exam

19th September, 2018 onward


13th October, 2018

Post Mid Term (Class 1 – XI)

5th December, 2018 onward

Pre Board I [Class XII]

14th December, 2018 onward


29thh December, 2018

Pre Board I  [Class XII result]

5th January, 2019

Pre Board II – Class XII

Pre Board I – Class X

14th January, 2019 onward

Pre Board [Class X & XII Result]

2nd  February, 2019

End of the Session P.T.M

(Classes I – IX, XI)

16th February, 2019

Final Exam

25th  February,  2019 onward


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