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Evening sky observation is always an enriching experience. In our school on 19th May 2018, for our Astronomy Club Students, an evening session was conducted by the educators from the concerned field.  Initially children attended a lecture on the handling of Telescopes and other features of sky.  It was followed by a practical session where children observed moon and other celestial bodies available in sky with telescope of high resolving power.  It was altogether a great learning  through fun.

To live a life rich in discovery, satisfying in achievement is the aim of learning. To develop these capacities in young learners, the school in collaboration with SPACE (Science Popularization Association of Communication and Education) has established a Space Club under the aegis of Dr. Sonali Ganguly. The Club has taken the initiative to espouse the esteem of its members by adding a scientific outreach dimension to their persona. The Club members have been, for the past two years, receiving golden opportunity to interact with prominent Indian Scientist like Dr. APJ Kalam, Sunita Williams and others. The budding astronauts were also selected to participate in phase I of “ All India Asteroid Search” campaign where they used latest software used to seek Near Earth Objects

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