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The students of commerce stream of Class XII went to SEBI toattend a session at theirDelhi office. SEBI is a stock market regulating body which monitors how trading must bedone and keeps a check on inside trading and the mal practices prevailing in the stock market in investment world.It was a financial education program where in the students learnt financial education.The session was   educative with the lot of insights about various financial and markets investment topics. It concluded with a question and answer session where children could directly speak to SEBI officers and clarify their doubts .It was indeed a special visit for all the students. The students were given participation certificates this visit was initiated by their business studies teacher Ms. Riddima. The Principal of the school Mr. Mohit  Sachdeva emphasized that such educational visits should be undertaken to understand the stock market. 


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    Evening sky observation is always an enriching experience. In our school on 19th May 2018, for our Astronomy Club Students, an evening session was conducted by the educators from the concerned field.  Initially children attended a lecture on the handling of Telescopes and other features of sky.  It was followed by a practical session where children observed moon and other celestial bodies available in sky with telescope of high resolving power.  It was altogether a great learning  through fun

      A  Creative Writing workshop for Class IX was held by Luxur Pens. 20 Students from each class were selected. They were shown a video on how corruption starts and were told to write on any topic which they felt was an hindrance for the development of country. The main aim of this workshop was to create awareness among the students 


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        During this summer vacation GMS has organized hobby classes for the primary wing Classes I to V. The classes include Art, Dance and Calligraphy for the improvement of the handwriting of the students. The focus of the camp is to brush up the talent of the students, utilize their time in a positive way, moulding them into true learners. The classes are going on full-fledged with children participating in them enthusiastically.


          WORKSHOP ON PARENTING TIP - 14.05.2018
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          A workshop on parenting was organized on 14Th May in the school premises for classes 1 and 2 conducted by Ms. Renu Gupta where in tips on parenting and bad touch and good touch were given to the parents to enable them to guide their ward with reference to the current scenario of our society. It was an enriching experience for the parents and it proved to be a successful session.


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            The students of class XII went to The Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon, as a part of their annual picnic. They enjoyed a lot as it was a day when they could forget about their students and got a much deserved outing with their classmates and favorite teachers. The endless selfie sessions and dancing on dhol beats added on to the fun part. The enriching viewing of the theater show Zangoora – the gypsy prince.


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              On 9th may, the selected students of classes VIII,IX and X, accompanied by their teachers, went on an exchange visit to the Korean cultural centre. The day was abuzz with excitement among the students as they got to learn about the life style of Koreans including their festivals, attires, cuisine and culture. It was fun to learn a few words of acknowledgment in Korean language too. It was a great opportunity for the students and they enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

                An interactive session for class VIII students was organized wherein their academic coordinator discussed the importance of scheduled studies and co-curricular activities as well. She even discussed issues like teenage and peer pressure. In the end she also advised the students to inculcate a productive hobby in their lives.


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                  Our school organized an interactive session for the students with the honorable principal sir. Principal sir aimed towards this tete-e-tete with the students through this unique interactive program as a part of encouraging them to fear up for the studies. He prompted the students to gain more exposure in life and discuss their views about pertinent issues related to students. An encouraging video was also shown to the students to encourage the students.


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                    The primary, middle and senior wing of greenway celebrated Mothers Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Since mothers hold a special place in the hearts of the children, they left no stone unturned to show their appreciation for their mothers.

                    To show their love and respect towards their mothers, the young and enthusiastic Greenwanians danced their heart out in a stage show.


                      BLUE COLOUR DAY - NURSERY WING
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                      The Pre School celebrated Blue Color Day on 04.05.2018.  It was a pleasant and a cool blue day for the tiny tots.  The dress code, for teachers as well as students was blue.

                       Excitement and enthusiasm was visible everywhere.  All the children came dressed up in different shades of blue.  The classrooms were decorated with blue balloons.  The little ones made as elephant through cotton dabbing. Students were made to recognize blue color through different games and activities.

                        It was a visual treat to see the good effects of blue color on our little ones.


                        ISA ACTIVITY IN THE MONTH OF APRIL – 2018 CLASS VI
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                        We are proud to share with the Parents that our School has planned to give an International outlook to our curriculum and therefore various ISA activities have been taken which is an initiative of  British council;  to broaden the horizon of the students.  Various month-wise activities will be taken up as ISA Activities. 

                        ISA ACTIVITY IN THE MONTH OF APRIL – 2018


                        CLASSES - VI, VII, VIII, IX  &  XI 

                         ISA Activity  Class- VI 
                        Topic: Learning to play and playing to learn

                         Picture essay

                        An ISA group activity was organized  for class VI students at our school from 20th April to 25th April 2018 to provide the students a brief glance at different sports of different countries i.e. India(chess), South Korea (taeknowndo), Bangladesh (kabbadi), Iceland(handball), Nepal(volleyball) while enabling them to research and write a picture essay based on their research. Through this project students have learnt more about popular sports of different  countries. They acquire discernment about indispensable role that sports play in the global prospective of physical and mental development.
                         Students prepared intriguing folders highlighting the players belonging to myriad countries. The students just not only pasted stimulating pictures of the players but also delved into various stages of life through which they have passed along with their  unending struggle which further grilled their game. The inspiration of the players were also mentioned in the essay which was a balm for their in the hard period of the life which succor them to reach the zenith  of success.  A general  quiz was prepared on the basis of picture essay as the evaluation procedure to ensure the students through  understanding of the history ans life of the player. The activity provided  a great insight about journey undertaken by the player to reach their destination
                        This was an enlightening and inspirational activity for the students, parents as well as the teachers they came to know about the hardship undergone by the successful people in their lives. It was successfully concluded as the students took part in it with great enthusiasm.



                          ISA ACTIVITY IN THE MONTH OF APRIL – 2018 CLASS VII
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                          ISA Activity  Class - VII
                          Project: learning to play and playing to learn 
                          Activity: collage making

                          Collage making activity was conducted in class 7 from 20/4/18 to 27/4/18. Each section was alloted a country and it's sport. Further each section was divided into groups for the activity.

                          Research work took three days after that students took two days to think and show their abilities and skills for making Collage. On 27/4/18,  they came up with very innovative ideas and showed amazing creativity while making Collage. They were given 1 hour 30 mins for making Collage. 
                          The objective of this activity was to make the learners understand about the rules and regulations of some popular sports played around the world. 

                          Students collected information from various sources and executed the things very well. 
                          Students learnt about great ideas which augmented their creativity. A general questionnaire was prepared on the basis of information collected by the students to ensure that they understand the things well. A quiz was also conducted in all the sections. Students showed enthusiasm in peer assessment also.

                          The activity was successfully concluded as students developed a sense of friendliness and team spirit. They also learnt to develop strategic planning and this enhanced their vocabulary and creativity. They gained confidence and also learnt about time management.


                            ISA ACTIVITY IN THE MONTH OF APRIL – 2018 CLASS VIII
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                            ISA report – Class – VIII
                            Project: learning to play and playing to learn 
                            Topic: Rule book of games: volleyball, handball, taekwando, kabbadi, and chess

                            A collaborative ISA Activity was conducted for class VIII,  in which the students were asked to collect the pictures of various players associated with that particular game. Each class was given a particular game and in class they neatly cut and pasted the pictures in the scrap book. It helped in enriching the knowledge and developed the motor skills. It took nearly 2-3 days to complete the activity. While pasting the picture they showed their creativity. After pasting they wrote the rules,  from the origin, and how it is played, and the rules of the games were exchanged with each other. The objective of this activity was to make the learners understand about the rules and regulations of popular sports played around the world. Students took keen interest in knowing the rules of the game. A quiz was also conducted in all the sections. Students answered the questions with great enthusiasm and zeal. The activity was successfully  completed  as students developed  a sense of friendliness and team work. They gained confidence and team management. It was an enriching experience for the student as well as for the teacher.


                              ISA Activity  - Classes IX & XI
                              Topic: learning to play and playing to learn

                              Under the ISA Activity planner,  class IX and XI were engaged in sports competition with the objective to make the students learn about popular games and sports popular in different countries. The sports taken up were as following 
                              Kabbadi, handball, volleyball, taekwondo and chess. 
                              All the sections of each grade IX and XI organized, participated and managed different demonstrative matches under the guidance of sports teacher. They made teams, referred, kept the score board, organized cheer leading and played the parts of commentators, volunteers, technical officers, medical helpers, slogan writers notching the participation level to 90%.

                              All in all, it was an enriching experience where the students acquired discernment about important role that sports play in physical and mental development.

                              The sports chosen were as following

                              IX A   Handball

                              IX B   Volleyball

                              IX C    Taekwondo

                              IX D     Chess

                              IX E       Kabbadi

                              XI A      Chess

                              XI B      Chess

                              XI C       Chess

                              XI D      Taekwondo

                              XI E       Taekw0ndo

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