Class XIIth students of Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden, attended a workshop of economics regarding the changes in board examination pattern implemented due to introduction of practical’s in the evolution of marks.  Mr. Amit Mehrotra, a Delhi based educationist, commenced the workshop.  He is working on an upcoming project SWAYAM (MOOC) of Ministry of Human Resource Development in association with NCERT.  He is also the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for economics appointed by NCERT for 2 years.  He introduced the new exam pattern to the students followed by a power point presentation of various project topics of Economics.  He guided the students on the matter and presentation of projects and also helped the students by providing some quick tips on how to attempt the board exams and avoid common mistakes.  The session became exciting with an activity on “factors affecting demand and supply”.  The school management and the students thanked him for his crucial time and efforts.

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