Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics

For the love of language and its promotion

The English Club of the school has been providing pupils for nurturing and inculcating the love for the language among the young learners. The English Club observed English fortnight which comprised of myriad activities including corridor decorations, bulletin board decoration, English Group Song Competition, Role Play and Mime Presentation, Extempore and English Quiz. Certain intra class activities and competitions were also a part of this fun and frolic generating week.

Care and Concern for Mother Earth

The earth that we live on, is not a gift to us from our ancestors. It’s a legacy that we have to pass to our next generation. Climate change has a direct bearing not only on atmosphere but also on food security, health, energy and many other aspects of human life. It is therefore important that the battle of addressing causes of climate changes be fought by each and young environment crusaders of Greenway have taken up this noble cause zealously. The objective is to motivate young earth savers to imbibe eco-friendly habits and life style . Various activities are taken up house wise and inter class including – poster making, slogan writing, anti cracker, anti pollution, anti plastic bag and cleanliness etc. weeks are organized. Visit to bio-diversity parks is also arranged for the students

To dream beyond the obvious

To live a life rich in discovery, satisfying in achievement is the aim of learning. To develop these capacities in young learners, the school in collaboration with SPACE (Science Popularization Association of Communication and Education) has established a Space Club under the aegis of Dr. Sonali Ganguly. The Club has taken the initiative to espouse the esteem of its members by adding a scientific outreach dimension to their persona. The Club members have been, for the past two years, receiving golden opportunity to interact with prominent Indian Scientist like Dr. APJ Kalam, Sunita Williams and others. The budding astronauts were also selected to participate in phase I of “ All India Asteroid Search” campaign where they used latest software used to seek Near Earth Objects

Empowering Indian Youth

Set up 63 years ago, the NCC's aim is to instill discipline and a sense of unity, cohesiveness, as well as foster patriotic spirit and leadership qualities among members of the young generation. The school firmly believes that a stint in NCC. Camp trains students to imbibe patriotic fervor, team spirit and discipline and empower our youth with a sense of self discipline national pride and universal brotherhood. NCC has brought a fresh wave of girl empowerment in Greenway as the zealous cadets have participated in various ventures and proved their mettle with their brilliant achievements.


The most powerful weapon on earth is human soul on fire. And sports which enthrall, excite and urge to compete as well as collaborate are the means and medium to let the players exhibit their best and prove their mettle.

Our students performance has been outstanding in the Inter School and at the Zonal and District Level Competitions organized by the school and the Department of Education, Government of NCT Delhi respectively. The school has a big playground with facilities for holding competitions like Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Netball , Badminton etc. The school has been the venue for many league matches in the past.

Exploring Every Venue For Education

To expose our enthusiastic learners to the best opportunities and vistas to enhance their skills and knowledge, some very interesting and highly informative workshops and visits were arranged. Some of these were in collaboration with The Hindustan Times and The Times of India like: Creative Writing, Story telling, Workshop on behavioural issues, Anger Management, Disaster Management, Yuppie Noodles Activity, Teenovators 2012,Career Management Seminar and visit to Bal Bhavan and IT office.

ENGLISH WORKSHOP - An Enthralling Rendezvous With Grammar

The school hosted a very exciting and enriching workshop for English Grammar by Guinness Book Record holder, Mr. Sanjay Sinha who holds the record for teaching English Grammar for the longest hours and is presently teaching in America. The students learnt how to overcome the obstacles in learning the nuance of grammar, the general mistakes committed in employing grammar while speaking or writing. The workshop turned out to be very inspiring experience for the Greenwanians.

INCOME TAX SEMINAR – Preparing Young Entrepreneurs

The School had the golden opportunity of conducting an Income Tax Seminar for students of Commerce Stream for class XI and XII. The Chief Speaker of the Seminar was Assistant Commission of Income Tax. Various topics related to taxation were taken up. Evils of tax evasion was also discussed. This was followed by an interactive session with the students. The students were further encouraged by quoting- "DON'T GO FOR TAX EVASION, WE ARE WATCHING YOU".


Giving Wings To The Aspirations

Being the most reputed institutions in the world, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is revered as the pilgrimage of education which has been the hub of phenomenal excellence followed by success. A visit to IIT is merely a dream for millions but this dream turned into a reality for students of class XI of Greenway Modern School. The students got a golden opportunity to attend a 5 days Inspire Science Camp organized by Department of Mathematics, IIT- Delhi from 26th December 2011- 30th Dec. 2011. The students received a lot of information as well as enriching lectures from the eminent professors across the globe.


Greenwanians availed a golden opportunity to visit CSIR lab in University Campus (Delhi), to make the enthusiastic aspirants get a first hand experience of the revolutionary innovations in the field of Genetic Engineering, Molecular biology and Micro biology. A contingent of 35 medical students along with their biology teacher Mrs. Yogyata Mathur received an enriching information about DNA fingerprinting gel electrophoresis and polymerase chain reaction technique. The trip was organized by Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology Council of Scientific and Industrial research. This educational trip provided the students ample knowledge and motivation to pursue biotechnology as a promising career option.


Eco warriors of Eco club went to CM's house and met Mrs. Sheila Dixit, our Chief Minister. The program 'Nature Trail' was hosted by the renowned environment filmmaker Mr. Rakesh Khatri. The students were given information about different species of animals and plants. The flora and fauna amazed the students. Usually in our life we learn 3 R's which are : Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. But after this trip the students learnt the fourth R i.e. respect for the nature. Overall the trip was very informative and beneficial for the students.

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